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Do you often know that your salary runs out quickly? Beware, Lest this be the cause!

Who doesn’t like payday? If you hear this one word, it feels tired that felt during a month of auto work lost somewhere. Something to look forward to every month. Even so excited, not infrequently we have made a list of what agenda we want to do when payday. Starting from eating beautiful, shopping to traveling everything we enter.

Eehh but bentar deh, a new feeling of payday how money has gone out of nowhere? Though you feel you have not spent a lot of money for needs, but strangely nominal in savings has been reduced drastically.

Causes of Fast-Running Salaries

You wonder where the money went? Did they really disappear mysteriously? Hmm, instead of thinking strangely, try checking the points below. It could be that this is what makes your salary run out quickly without realizing it. Let’s be listened to.

1. Not Recording Expenses Every Day

This mistake is usually rarely realized but often occurs. Although it seems trivial, but by recording spending every day will make it easier for us to know how much nominal is spent every month. Well, the total expenditure recorded can be used as an evaluation material for the next month.

You can record every expense with books and applications available smartphones. Choose the one you like and make sure to keep it down every day. Check it out after a month. It could be that you will be surprised to see the nominal number ‘dime’ which is unwittingly quite draining this bag.

2. Perfunctory Salary Allocation

Putting money in accordance with its function will minimize the risk of excessive and unbalanced spending.

Therefore, you should immediately separate the money in accordance with its function when paying. Put it in a different place such as putting cash on a wallet, savings money in a special savings account, to an e-wallet.

Usually the salary allocation is divided into 3, namely, 50% for needs, 30% for lifestyle and 20% for savings. However, you can adjust this as needed.

3. Using Credit Card Or PayLater Even Though It Does Not Need

The use of credit cards and paylaters is actually very helpful for you. But again, it has to be used as needed.

Please use both if you really need them. If it feels not urgent, then it’s good to spend using the budget that you have provided at point 2.

This is to avoid spending and overconsumption. You will also be free from monthly bills billed by the service provider.

4. Often Tempted by Funny Items

It can not be denied, especially women, there is a strong shopping desire when seeing something funny aka alluring.

In fact, the original item is not needed so that its function is less maximal. But because you are tempted by its cute form plus discounts, without a second thought you immediately buy it. Finally, the item is only used as a display at home.

Even though the money to buy these items can be used for shopping for other needs. Well before buying, try to weigh once again whether you really need the item or just ‘want’ it.

Buy if it feels necessary, but do not hesitate to skip if it is less useful for you.

5. Have Fun Without Seeing the Contents of the Wallet

Traveling, eating beautifully, hanging out with sohib has become part of today’s youth. But did you know that collecting as often as this can drain the contents of the wallet slowly?

Not that it forbids you to do the above, because basically it’s all good to do if done according to portions.

But what you need to underline, often look at the contents of the wallet and reduce things that feel less important.

For example, if you usually hang out 3-4 times a week, try now reduced to 1-2 times a week. Or it could be, look for other hangouts that are more hospitable in a bag. See? You can still collect without having to waste excess money.

6. Have No Future Planning, Especially Financial Matters

It could be, the salary that quickly runs out and the 5 points above occurs because you do not have a plan alias target to be achieved.

Lack of motivation makes you save just about it, buying the goods as much as possible without regard to income and expenses.

In fact, this is your chance to pay attention to the future plan. Of course saving should be a routine habit that you must do.

There are certainly times when you need savings to get married, continue your education, entrepreneurship and much more.

Trust me, spending money at the same time will feel harder than saving every month. That’s why setting targets is so important to motivate you to be more eager to save.


You don’t have to be stingy, but be smart about managing your salary. Life is only once, you can still have fun without having to make a dry bag. The most important thing is to keep it in accordance with the contents of the wallet. Well, let’s try to check again 6 points above which is still your obstacle. Good luck.

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