Tue. Jan 18th, 2022
6 Ways to Save Personal Money, Unknowingly The Coffers of Money Are Stored Neatly

Actually, there is nothing difficult to increase the coffers of savings. Because, saving money does not have to be in a way that feels so painful for your life, such as having to eat or resist shopping desires. You can save money in ways that sometimes you don’t realize. Know you have your savings or monthly expenses are slightly reduced.

If you want to know how to save money, you don’t have to be miserable and walk without you ever knowing it. Check out the description in this article.

How to Save Personal Money

1. Fads join the savings plan program, know in one year your money is just collected.

Try following the bank’s planned savings program. For starters, the nominal money deducted automatically from your account does not need to be too much, put 100 thousand. Just count how much 100 thousand rupiah collected in a year without you knowing?

2. Choose shopping with cash rather than a credit or debit card that can make you forget the land

The next way to save money is to prioritize cash while making transactions. To this cash you will be grateful, if until this moment you do not have to deal with credit card receivable debt, or dizzy when looking at the nominal in savings that feels very quickly exhausted. How can it not run out quickly if intermittently “the card is swiped”?

3. Collecting dime from your grocery return, 500 rupiah long could be hundreds of thousands

From now on, no longer let the dime from the shopping change just splattered. Make sure you have a place to keep it. When it’s full, take it to the bank to save. Because 500 rupiah will be 100 thousand rupiah as well.

4. Not stingy, but never want change in exchange for candy or donated

Not stingy, but every now and then you also need to say no when your return wants to be donated. Back to the previous point, isn’t the nominal 500 rupiah enough to save itself? Especially if you shop at that store many times. This is one of the most effective ways to save money and sometimes goes unnoticed by many people.

5. So hunter of discounted goods, make your shopping desire more friendly in monthly expenses

Actually shopping for items that are discounted is one form of escort for you. You just have to limit what you have to buy. Also make sure the goods you buy are indeed you need a useful.

6. Utilizing office lunch rations, if there are leftovers it could be dinner later

No need to be embarrassed or reluctant to bring the rest of the lunch from the office. As long as there is still enough and worth eating, it is better to bring for your dinner later. If in a month you can several times slice the money to eat, imagine how much nominal can go into savings?


There are six ways you can do to save money so that it does not run out quickly. So, which way do you want or have applied? That frugality should be as comfortable as you. Don’t push yourself too hard and make you overwhelmed. Save money in a slow way, yes!

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