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5 Problems Faced When You Have a Lot of Money. Hmm, you often don't think about it, right?

Many say all problems can be solved with money. This point of view makes us see as if money is everything, so every day the focus that is thought is to make money, make money, make money, just keep getting rich. Whereas like other things, something excessive usually the impact will not be so good for us.

Although considered as a powerful weapon to solve problems it turns out that money can also be one of the sources of the problem itself. If you don’t believe me, check out some challenges or problems that someone may face when they have a lot of money!

Problems Faced When You Have a Lot of Money

1. When you have more money, there will be ‘lifestyle inflation’ aka the desire to buy something will also increase

If the amount of money earned is more than previously obtained, there will be lifestyle inflation. The term refers to the desire to spend more money when income also increases. This is because during this time there are items that are desired but still taken into account many times to buy because of the limited amount of money.

However, when you already have a lot of money that many wants it finally feels like it has to be channeled, even though this cycle will usually continue to occur when the amount of income rises again later. Although the money received there is a lot, it feels quite less.

2. Managing money in small amounts may still be a lot of difficulties, especially if there are many

When you have a lot of money, maybe people tend to want to buy it something that has not been delivered. On the other hand there are also people who are afraid to use it and end up less able to enjoy because they choose to keep it. Therefore, in order to be balanced, a good arrangement is needed. Not infrequently so difficult, many choose to use the services of financial regulators.

3. Income that means also high taxes, get ready for your money to be cut in large amounts

There are many types of taxes that must be paid, for example from the income itself. Reporting from several sources, the higher the income obtained, the higher the taxes that must be paid. In accordance with Law Regulation No. 36 of 2008 the amount of income is calculated starting from 5% for income up to Rp50 million, 15% for income up to Rp250 million, 25% if income reaches Rp500 million, and above it is taxed 30%. Not to mention if for example you have assets such as cars or property.

4. Danger will lurk when you look to have a lot of money, one of which is prone to being haunted by crime

Having money means you have to be more careful because otherwise you can be an easy target for criminals who need money. The risk of theft, robbery, until done online can happen anytime and anywhere. That’s why many rich people who increase security or choose to appear mediocre when outside.

5. Not infrequently you people who have a lot of money are often used, finally looking for a sincere one becomes more difficult

It cannot be denied that many people who only want to do something that suits their interests, including when in a relationship either friends or when looking for a partner. Often money becomes a magnet for some people which eventually results in the difficulty of distinguishing which ones are sincere and which ones want.

Having money is not without risks. Although the money has a lot, it could be for the sake of making it, time, energy, and mind are also deployed so that the heart is even less peaceful. Therefore, it’s okay to have goals and ambitions but it’s still important to feel enough.


Thus the article about 5 Problems Faced When Having a Lot of Money. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments section below. Thanks.

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